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What do I need to book a date?

Go to our booking page and send the information by secure email
or Call Magnus Hawaii @ (808) 589-1234 to book by phone.
Magnus Hawaii Needs:
1) Your Name 2) Mailing Address 3) email address 4) Phone Numbers
5) Event date, locations, times 6) Services you want to book 7) 50% retainer by cash, check or credit card number and expire date.
A contract will be emailed to you.

What is the difference between a Standard DVD menu and the Enhanced DVD menu?

The standard DVD menu is simple and nice it gets the job done.
A sample picture will be posted soon!

Enhanced DVD menus are Hollywood style with custom back ground, music and full motion chapter buttons.

Enhanced sample picture will be posted soon!

What is best for us a skit or love story?

A love story involves just the 2 of you and may be your best choice.
A love story includes (2 hour shoot time / 3-4 minute edit)
If you want to include the bridal party the skit may be better.
A Skit includes (Design Session 1 hour, 4 hours shoot time)
Having an idea and knowing what you want is very important heading into the design session. Organization is key.

Slide show Ceremony highlight info

I'm definitely interested in the ceremony highlights with the video slideshow. How long does it take to edit the ceremony highlights to the end of the slideshow? About 2 to 2.5 hours
Do you need any extra space, tables, equipment, etc. that we (or the hotel) should provide? 1 Small table
Would I also get a DVD copy of the slideshow and ceremony highlights to take home with me on my wedding day? This option is available for a service charge


When booking one of your total wedding packages including DJ entertainment, will the DJ also act as an MC? Or does this cost extra?

The DJ can act as an informal MC from the DJ booth simple announcements only for a small service charge.
Formal MC is recommended.

What is the difference between a Formal MC & an Informal MC

Hiring a professional MC for your wedding reception saves a family member or friend the anxiety of standing, speaking and working on your wedding day. A professional MC has done many weddings in the past and can anticipate and avoid potential problems at the reception.

The FORMAL MC coordinates time and events with the vendors, wedding planner and room captain, he can assist you in planning the reception, and he enhances announcements and speaks from the podium.
The INFORMAL MC will announce only key elements in the reception, like, Introduction of the bride and groom, cake cutting, toast, first dance. He does not coordinate the vendors, wedding planner or room captain. In this case the wedding planner or the room captain will coordinate and keep time. He does not assist in planning the reception, the client will provide the outline of the reception and the informal MC will announce events from the DJ booth.

If your event is more on the formal, dressy side I recommend getting the FORMAL MC.
If your event is more on the informal, easy, laid back style, then the INFORMAL MC may be fine.

What is your basic shot list for wedding Video's?

Our Basic shot list may include but is not limited to:
1) Establishing shots of your location on the day of your event
2) Pre ceremony interviews w/bride and groom
3) Ceremony, bridal party,vows, rings, kiss.... all of ceremony
4) Establishing shots of Reception location.
5) All major events at reception ie. Introduction, Speeches, Toast, Cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, 1st dance....
6) Interveiws of family members upon request only

How many hours does your Video Production and Photography rate include?

For Ceremony Only video 2 hour / Photography 3 hours
Standard Ceremony and Reception: 6 to 8 hours Video and Photography
How much are extra copies of our wedding dvd's?
What about photo albums, what do they cost?
Photo Albums start @ $550 for the standard albums.
Many things about albums will dictate the price, like number and size of pictures, type of album chosen, like traditional or story book style of pages, and album covers, leather, engraving...
So it may be best to determine pictures, style and cost later


When selecting the photos you are going to use in your video slideshow, look for VARIETY. You want to be able to show a progression in your life from the time you and your fianc met until eventually married. Look for significant events such as sweet sixteen parties, graduation from high school and college, May Day programs, or different places you have traveled to. Avoid submitting pictures taken all at restaurants. Although these are great, you want to show milestones in your life that brought you to the point of meeting your fianc.
Just send me a cd with all images, numbered in the order you want them shown, and the songs you want for each section. (1 song per section)


A program of events. The Program should include:
1) In the header - Your names, event date, location, times, cell phone numbers.
2) Basic timeline & Discription of events happening that day.
3) Any shot list, or video request you may have (for video clients).
4) Any special music you need for the event (for entertainment clients)
5) Final Payment at least 3 days prior to event
Be sure to provide equipment tables for Magnus Hawaii staff as well as meal arrangements (# of staff located on your contract).

Why do we need to provide staff meals?

It helps us serve you better.
Vendor meals are customary in Hawaii but not required.
A typical wedding ceremony and reception may start at 4pm and end at 10pm, about 6 hours. However, Magnus Hawaii staff meets, does equipment prep, loads, briefs, and arrives at the event location hours before the ceremony start time. Typically we get together at 1pm and stay well after the reception is over; it takes an hour to break down and 30 minutes to return the staff to base. So our staff day is about 10.5 hours. Having a meal for the staff helps keep the strength of the crew up as well as stay in the reception and on call. However, if no meals are provided we can provide meals for ourselves; we would require a 40 minute meal break and would leave the reception and find an appropriate location to have our meals; we would need a 3 day courtesy notice so I can care for my staffs needs.


You can expect you completed DVD approximately 6-8 weeks after the event.



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